What is The Best Material for Boat Deck

Before you begin, take your new SYNBOATEK deck out of the shipping package and lay it out flat in indirect sunligth for at least 60 minutes to allow the deck to relax and flatten out. In extreme temperature variances between the warm weather in South Florida, and the colder weather North of us the panel may shrink a little, placing panel in the warmth of the sun will allow the panel to return to it’s proper size.

Installation of your deck should not be done in the heat of the day. The ideal time would be in the morning or late afternoon, or under cover. Excessive heat will dry the glue out to quickly, not giving you time to position panels properly.

Remove all deck fittings if possible; this will give you an unobstructed work area.All surfaces must sound, smooth, and dry. All uneven areas and holes should be “faired” with suitable filler. Sand smooth any excess filler, loose paint or uneven areas with 60 grit sandpaper. Uneven areas left on the deck could show though the finished SYNBOATEK deck leaving unsightly high and low spots in those areas.

Use denatured alcohol to clean the boat surface and the back of the SYNBOATEK panel if not free from dirt or dust just prior to cleaning.

Lay down the SYNBOATEK section that you plan to glue down, dry fit all panels into position making sure the panel fits correctly. Using a pencil trace along the entire outside of the panel, remove the panel and you will be left with a pencil mark as shown in the picture around the perimeter of the area requiring glue.

SYNBOATEK can be trimmed to fit using a sharp utility knife or sand paper. Plan your cut and take the time to be as precise as possible, sand cut edges with 60 grit sandpaper to match texture of the panel face.

When multiple panels will be glued down within the same area make sure that the caulk lines line up from one panel to the next before gluing. Matching the caulk lines will give your deck a very professional look.

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