Synthetic Teak Marine Decking General Description

25M Marine Boat PVC Synthetic Teak Deck

Deck coverings are of functional and esthetical importance. Since maritime conditions are harsh,the ship has to be produced not only with the best products but also in accordance with a profession-al workmanship.For project related informations we recommend to consult the corresponding national Technical Service.

Synthetic Teak Deck History

Synthetic teak deck has been used for hundreds of years as a durable deck material. The faux teak is very durable. Natural antimicrobial and insecticide substances cause an excellent natural anti-rot and weathering resistance.

Alternatives for teak , is used in some cases but needs an intensive protection work to assure a long time function.

Regardless of the type of wood used, all require sealants to protect the deck from water penetration that can cause severe damage. This can take the form of unsightly marks along the hull, rotting the woodwork and corroding metal components. Watertight seals are therefore absolutely essential. Also, in addition to adding struc-tural strength to the insulation in hot and cool climates alike.

Synthetic Teak Deck, however, is not a uniform material. Oil, fat, talc and resin-content, as well as porosity and colouration, differ depending on the source and age of the wood.

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