• QZG-STW Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic PVC Teak deck
  • QZG-STW Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic PVC Teak deck
  • QZG-STW Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic PVC Teak deck
  • QZG-STW Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic PVC Teak deck

QZG-STW Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic PVC Teak deck

SYNBOATEK® Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic PVC Teak deck for boats is highly resilient, non-skid, UV stable and looks just like real wood. Synthetic PVC Teak deck is very popular to be used in custom Yachts and Boats.

Product Name: Synthetic Teak Decking
Model Number: QZG-STW(Gray with white lines)
Material: PVC Soft plastic
Size: 190X5MM
Thickness: 5mm
Colors: White,Grey,Coffee,Cedar, Teak
Remarks: 25M/4.75m2/roll


Synthetic teak decking requires little maintenance—occasional washing keeps it in good shape. Pressure washing is feasible. For surface damage, the decking can be sanded, as both the color and the grain extend through the entire thickness.

Because synthetic teak decking measures just 5 mm, it’s enough to conform to surfaces that aren’t flat. The synthetic teak decking systems once installed, quite similar in appearance and texture. They look and feel like rough-sanded teak planking (sans splinters), with caulked strips between the planks. Rounded edge pieces, or “margin boards” make for a neat installation.

Description Synthetic Teak Decking
Size (widthXthickness) 20*5mm,190*5mm,150*5mm,50*5mm
Roll length 25M / 4.75m2
Roll weight 32kgs/roll
Color options Teak with black/white strips,and grey etc.
Raw materials PVC+additives(anti-uv,anti-oxidants etc.)
Application Boat/yacht/ship and indoor+outdoor
Technique Extrusion molding

Features of Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic PVC Teak deck

1.100% UV Resistant ,anti-UV 3000 hours and antibacterial

2.Strong 3M glue,easy to stick and assembling

3.Looks like real teak, even cooler than real teak


High quality environmental protection materials.

1. Elastic, not easy deformation, not easy to tear.

2. High Density, not easy to damage. Odorless, non-toxic.

3. Stain resistant & very easy to maintain, can also be pressure washed.

4. Provides a non-slippery surface for your boat in both wet & dry conditions.

Marine Grade Adhesive.

1.High- and low-temperature end use environments.

2. Low-energy surface adhesion Low-energy surface adhesion.

3. Applications requiring UV and chemical resistance.

4. Long term durability.

5. Rapid Wet Out for that "Quick Stick".

Q: Is synthetic teak hot?
A: Synthetic PVC decking is warmer in temperature than real teak wood. You can hose down the deck as you would with any teak or fiberglass deck without the worry of slipping. You may also wear deck shoes.

Q: Does the caulking come in different colors?
A: The caulking can be either off-white or black in color.

Q: How to maintain the synthetic teak ?
A: Because synthetic teak is a plastic product, it doesn’t require any of the maintenance demanded by teak and it’s easy to clean. You never need to apply any protectants, oils, or other products to preserve the finish. Fish blood, food, drinks, and dirt are easily washed away.

Q: What is the price?
A: The price varies depending on specific quantity. Please contact with our sales to get a price quote.

You install it by gluing it down to a clean surface with a two-part adhesive. One considerable advantage of laying a synthetic deck as compared to a natural wood deck is that you don’t have to drill any holes for screws, thus you don’t compromise the structural integrity of the underlying deck. And the installation is much easier than with real wood because synthetic decking can be cut easily with a sharp utility knife, and most of the caulking required for teak decking is eliminated.

Product Case

Our boat deck can be applied to a variety of boat decoration, the color of the atmosphere can be your boat decorated with more gorgeous.

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