How About Pvc Synthetic Boat Deck

Marine Teak Floor Material Crisis

pvc synthetic boat deck

Low Maintenance Pvc Synthetic Boat Deck

Pvc Synthetic Boat Deck – Best PVC Decking Products

Pvc Synthetic Boat Deck has many years experience in the extrusion of teak-effect plastic synthetic marine decking and flooring products used widely in the marine

and building industries as an alternative to real teak. The PVC decking products are durable, versatile, easy to maintain and can be used for external and internal

applications. They have a textured, slip-resistant surface that remains effective when wet.

How About Pvc Synthetic Boat Deck

PVC synthetic deck even lower maintenance than composite material. the vinyl planks are nonporous, except where dirt and bird droppings had collected. Just sweep

and hose it off. scratches and gouges are invisible because the color is solid all the way through. it’s much lighter than the composite materials. PVC synthetic boat

deck has been subjected to the rigors of the marine environment for years by the top boat manufactures in the world.

Lasting life
Synthetic boat deck has undergone extensive and rigorous testing to termites, mold, fungal, coefficient of thermal expansion and more. Excellent results reinforce its

reliability and durability.

Staining & Maintenance
Our PVC Synthetic teak is non-porous. Fish blood and Red wine are easily washed away with soap and water. Routine cleaning, as with any living space, will keep your

deck looking its best. Our material may be pressure washed – unlike traditional wood teak laid marine decks.

Dimension stability against moisture and temperature
Have high degree of UV and color stability
Well done of termites, insects and moldy-proof
High waterproofing, fireproofing, low endothermic nature
Light weight, but reasonable structure, so not easier to crack
Superior ability of anti-aging, water resistance, fade resistance


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