25M Marine Boat PVC Synthetic Teak Deck

New Synthetic Teak Boat Deck Keeps Feet Cooler

PVC synthetic teak boat decks have always provided some of the most convincing alternatives to teak products, with real things like texture, texture, impact resistance and non-slip properties. Therefore, many new yachts are seen at the yacht show actually use simulated teak decks made of PVC.

PVC Synthetic Teak Deck Stain Removal Simple

Although the surface has a slight texture that replicates the texture of solid wood, dirt and stains still remain on the surface of the PVC synthetic teak deck, so it can be cleaned relatively easily with a damp cloth or soapy water. Unlike real teak, which has a mixture of hard and very soft fibers, stains can easily enter the inside of the deck and it is very difficult to clean up. Another advantage is that the damaged area can be polished with sandpaper to show a new appearance, which makes the QZ-EB synthetic teak PVC soft flooring save a lot of expenses in the later maintenance costs.

The imitation teak deck is fully recyclable, using microbubbles instead of chalk filler, which reduces heat absorption (some PVC synthetic teak boat deck types and colors can become very hot in direct sunlight). SYNBOATEK is available in standard 5mm thickness and 11 colors, with board width from 45mm-200mm to replicate everything from decking, covering boards and cappings.

25M Marine Boat PVC Synthetic Teak Deck

The surface of the SYNBOATEK deck may begin to crack after 25-30 years, but so far, no problems have been found on the deck for 20 years, and the service life may be greatly extended. High-traffic areas can become shiny, but these can be back to the original matte finish by hand light grinding.

SYNBOATEK is part of a synthetic teak decking company that produces ship floors for various industrial purposes. Johnson has built nearly 500 yachts on the SYNBOATEK deck without any problems. Hungley said that compared to real teak, this is not necessarily a cheaper option, but he believes that teak can be used permanently. And also like the technical aspects of SYNBOATEK, it is completely seamless (caulking cannot be completely penetrated), so there will be no leakage. The additional benefits of PVC synthetic teak deck are maintenance-free, non-fading, excellent non-slip performance, and completely free design.

The fungus inhibitor in the entire material of the PVC synthetic teak deck prevents the formation of green mold, which is easy to grow on the real teak deck, especially in the continuous wet winter. Therefore, the use of PVC synthetic teak deck can save the cost of cleaning up mold.

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