Compare Deck Materials About Wood And Composite And PVC

25M Marine Boat PVC Synthetic Teak Deck

When you start to build your own ship deck, three types of flooring materials are usually provided for you to choose from: natural pressure-treated wood, wood composite material (a mixture of wood fibre and plastic) or PVC synthetic teak decking.

Wood: The classic is still the most popular deck material, which is usually pressure-treated teak. Unlike the other two materials, it is natural wood. But it was found that the usage is gradually decreasing (due to the high cost).
Wood composite material: Wood composite pavement is a mixture of high-density polyethene and wood particles, as well as preservatives and adhesives. Sawdust by-products from furniture manufacturing and plastic recycled from milk cans and detergent bottles, wood composites can (but not always) be environmentally friendly.
PVC Synthetic Teak Decking: Plastic and PVC are popular terms for this kind of synthetic decoration. It is made entirely of porous polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is exactly the same material used for plastic fences. It is light and has the same density as white pine, a coniferous wood. PVC synthetic teak decking decoration means that a protective shell is added to the surface, which also gives it a wooden appearance.

Advantages of Various Products

Wood: When you want to save costs, natural wood is the best choice, you don’t need any complicated things, and you can do it yourself. All home improvement centres can provide natural wood flooring.
Wood composite material: When you want a material similar to a new type of wood, choose the wood composite decorative board. If you have children or walk barefoot, wood composites can ensure you avoid chipping.
PVC Synthetic Teak Decking: If you want a lightweight material that is easier to handle than wood-composite materials, you may want to purchase PVC decorative materials, which can reduce a lot of maintenance costs in the later period, and it is also very convenient in use.

Compare Deck Materials About Wood And Composite And PVC


Wood: If you don’t like annual maintenance items, such as electric cleaning of the sealing of the ship’s deck, please avoid using natural wood floors. In addition, manufacturers of wood composites and PVC deck materials also like to point out that wood is easy to chip. They are correct. If you plan to do anything on your deck that involves bare feet, avoid natural wood.
Wood composite materials: If you want a realistic material, buy wood composite decorative panel. Another thing to consider is that wood composites are heavier than wood and plastic deck materials and tend to sag. This means you will need to use more joists.
PVC Synthetic Teak Decking: Compared with natural wood and wood composite deck, the price of PVC decorative ship deck looks more expensive.

Which PVC Synthetic Teak Decking and Wooden Floor Resist Decay Best?

Wood: If you are worried about decay, natural wood, or even pressure treatment, is the worst choice. Stress treatment can delay decay, but it will not prevent it.
Wood composite materials: Wood composite materials are often touted as non-corrosive. This is not entirely the case, because organic wood particles are still perishable. The preservatives added to the mixture counteract the rot.
PVC Synthetic Teak Decking: The total plastic content of this decorative material is completely unaffected by decay. Mould and moss will still attack the PVC pavement, but only on the surface. It is also very convenient to clean up.


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